Sally Chappus - drums, percussion, owner of the groove 

Sally comes to us with a wealth of experience having started playing drums at the age of 14.
Over the years, Sally has had the opportunity to play everything from hard rock to light jazz which has established her as a versatile, well rounded, sought after player.
Best known for strong groove and solid time, she has worked steady as a studio and performing drummer across Canada and the US.

Sally has toured with such notables as Debbie Lori Kaye (Tommy Hunter Show regular), The Raes (Televison and Recording Artists) and David Clayton Thomas (Blood, Sweat & Tears) just to name a few.

“My passion for playing drums has reached an all time high and the opportunity to play in a band of Gunn’s caliber is; if you’ll excuse the pun…perfect timing and just what the doctor ordered! I look forward to the exciting times ahead!”