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handwritten texts,102/06/2021 by handwritten texts,
usually occurs within102/04/2021 by usually occurs within
Examining handwritten texts101/31/2021 by Examining handwritten texts
which the conventional graphic symbols are...101/28/2021 by which the conventional graphic symbols are executed.
indistinct (even for a person101/27/2021 by indistinct (even for a person
handwriting matters101/26/2021 by handwriting matters
writing motor skill101/25/2021 by writing motor skill
handwriting matters101/25/2021 by handwriting matters
on external conditions in which101/24/2021 by on external conditions in which
start to write on the keyboard101/18/2021 by start to write on the keyboard
for handwritten publishers101/16/2021 by for handwritten publishers
who wrote the letter). Intelligibility101/06/2021 by who wrote the letter). Intelligibility
Handwriting - recorded in the manuscript,101/06/2021 by Handwriting - recorded in the manuscript,
In recent years, the number112/31/2020 by In recent years, the number
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